League Rules

Glacial Lakes Walleye League – Walleye League Rules and Regulations

Premiere Team of Year must be designated before 1st event May 6th.

-pay $25 dollars per member

-makes you eligible for all sponsored side pots

Team of year participation must be designated before week 2

Maximum of 4 people per boat and only 3 of them can be age 16 and over; kids age 15 and under fish for free

Minimum entry fee of $40 per boat per night ($60 if 3 age 16 and over in boat)

Must check in and pay at each event. If you don’t check in you don’t participate for prizes.

Bad weather, league night will be rescheduled the following night

Fishing area is all water reachable by boat on designated lake

-Unless state regulations don’t allow-example Waubay Lake you can’t fish refuge area

State limits will be allowed in boat but only 5 fish will be weighed, 2 over 20”

Anglers are responsible for their fish. If left at weigh station you will be DQ’d from that event

15” minimum size limit, unless specific lake restrictions are more strict

No fish under 15” is allowed. If you bring a fish under 15” you are DQ’d from that event.

2 fish 20” and up are allowed. If you bring 3 fish 20”+ you will be DQ’d from that event.

Walleyes/Saugers will be only fish permitted to weighed in

Safe boating must be observed at all time

Any fish mangled, mashed, or mauled will only be weighed at advisory board discretion

Ties will be decided by big fish first, coin flip second

All contestants are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship

Anyone with a valid fishing license is eligible

Cash only please, as payouts will be nightly

Check in will be on honor system, please ask some other contestant to check your boat

Nightly weigh master will be random, but one person must be designated and weigh all teams in that night to keep consistent

Team of the Year points are awarded upon your placing

No shows will be awarded 0 points for the week

All goose eggs for the night will receive 100 points with a paid entry fee

No late take off penalty if you call ahead and let someone on advisory board know you will be late

Cell phones will be used as official time

Late weigh-in arrival 5 minutes late you are disqualified, up to 5 minutes late no penalty for the first time during season, 2nd time less than 5 minutes late during the season you will lose half your weight.

To fish in the Championship you must have fished at least one event on that team during a qualifying event

No TOY member may sub for another team

Anyone caught cheating will be immediately disqualified and banned from future events.

All laws set forth by the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks must be followed at all times.

Contact Casey Baumgarn for more information at 605-881-2254 or email at casey.baumgarn@us.army.mil